Cannabis is a story of humanity.

And we're writing our chapter.

The tale of mankind’s interaction with cannabis is one that spans more than 3,000 years—3,000 years of diverse cultures, soils and crossing borders. It’s a story about a plant that shaped humanity. And a story about how humanity shaped a plant.

This era of post-prohibition is a fresh chapter. One that sees historical and diverse genetics tossed aside in favour of strains grown for profitability: it’s easy weed.

We choose not to grow easy weed.

Instead we strive to preserve, understand and celebrate the tremendous diversity of genetics that have been created by humanity over thousands of years. And once we have, we will bring these understandings to life through our products, through the stories we tell, and with deep respect for the cultures that have given us the opportunity to play a small part in the story of cannabis.

Be a part of our story.