Start your own cultivation journey with Natural History premium seeds!

The story of cannabis is the story of humanity. It’s the journey of a plant that has been passed from hand to hand, from culture to culture, and has been planted in soils the world over.  And now it’s your turn.  Natural History premium seeds, bred by ANC Cannabis, enable aspiring growers to try their […]

Inside the Grow Room

All Atlas Growers cannabis—from seed to finish—is grown under a tightly controlled system called precision cultivation. Precision cultivation begins by selecting superior varieties that have the genetic potential to produce the highest quality flower buds. Once the cultivars (cultivated varieties) are selected, the precision cultivation growth cycle begins.  Throughout its entire lifecycle, all cannabis plant […]

Behind our Cultivars: Mother Plants

When it comes to unique cannabis offerings, not only are we committed to preserving the impactful genetics, but we’re focused on providing our customers with a cultivar experience unlike any other. And what helps us achieve our unique cuts? Our impressive stable of mother plants.  The mother plant is the plant our cultivation specialists take […]

Exclusive release: Meat Breath

Every once in a while, you come across a genetic that deserves its own moment to shine. Enter Meat Breath, available for an exclusive, limited release.  This cultivar was added to our grow list for many reasons, but the top reason is this: it’s one of the most insane cultivars we’ve ever had the pleasure […]

Behind the cultivar: Zour Apples

Our Season One collection of cultivars wouldn’t be the same without Zour Apples. This cultivar is a favourite of our cultivation specialists, and it isn’t hard to guess why. It’s known for its sweet and sour flavour—imagine the tang of apple cider alongside sweet vanilla.

Behind the cultivar: LA Kush Cake

If we had to choose a cultivar from Our Chapter to bestow with the descriptor of “California Cool,” it would be LA Kush Cake. This cultivar screams Southern California, where the term “kush” is casually tossed around by west coast enthusiasts who have been ingrained in cannabis culture for decades. For us, LA Kush Cake […]